we power mobile payments


we build mobile payment solutions that actually work and are profitable

payments for the banked and unbanked

mHITs designs, builds and operates mobile payment and mobile information services. We power mobile payments for both the banked and unbanked in western and emerging markets across the world.  Our solutions range from simple ubiquitous solutions using SMS to specialised smartphone applications for mobile point of sale purchases.

customised integration

We provide customised integration expertise to enable our technology and solutions to work with existing platforms and services.

proven success stories

Our solutions have proven success stories.  We understand that every market is different and that to be successful in a market, mobile payment services need to be tailored to the needs of that local market.  Simply copying and transplanting a payment system from one country to another country does not guarantee it will succeed and in most cases this approach fails.

pioneer of Point of Sale and mobile wallet integration

mHITs is a global pioneer of integrating of Point of Sale (POS) technology with new or existing mobile wallet systems.  This enables mobile wallet systems to participate fully in an economy by being “plugged in” to mainstream retail transaction systems including supermarkets, drug stores, government offices and other institutions.

ubiquitous technology that works anywhere

mHITs’ approach is to provide services using appropriate technologies for that market.  For this reason, in emerging market applications we focus on ubiquitous, proven, effective, and universally understood technologies such as SMS and USSD which work across all mobile networks and all mobile handsets.  This means that that services can be offered immediately without pre-registration, SIM toolkit activation, or the need to download an apps.  Furthermore, use of these these technologies provide 100% market reach.

robust scalable technology

Our platforms are built on strong robust architectures that are scalable and can grow with the needs of the local market.

innovative mobile payment solutions

Our approach it highly focused on achieving your business outcomes.  Our expertise and proven track record in complex systems integration means that we build mobile payment systems that others think are too hard.

service offerings:

  • mobile wallet design and implementation
  • integration of Point of Sale with mobile wallet solutions
  • payment for prepaid electricity directly via mobile
  • mobile information services (account balance requests)

specialist services:

  • Customised and specialised mobile payment integration
  • Research and feasibility studies
  • Consulting and advisory

Our experienced team has a proven track record of delivering systems on time and on budget.

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