we power mobile payments


we understand mobile payments

mHITs Limited (pronounced Em-HITs) is a multi-award winning Australian based developer and operator of mobile payment technology and services.

world class solutions

Our world-class technology is used to power mobile payments and information services in both western and emerging markets. One key achievements include pioneering the integration of Point Of Sale technology with mobile wallet systems. Called mPOS, this solution allows mobile wallet and mobile payment systems to participate fully in the mainstream market economy as a direct alternative to bank and card based products and services which are often not suitable for emerging markets.

Our BuyPower solution enabling the purchase of electricity via mobile phone is also another example of simple and effective mobile payment solution.

banked and unbanked

We understand the unique challenges of the banked and unbanked markets and even within these two catagories that each market needs to be approached differently.

In Australia, mHITs Limited operates the mHITs branded mobile payment service which allows users to send and receive payments via SMS text message. See www.mhits.com.au for more details.

In Papua New Guinea, mHITs technology is used to power several mobile payment and information services.  See EasiPawa for more details.

we build platforms that work

We understand the unique challenges of implementing and operating successful mobile payment and information services and can have the experience and expertise to tailor a solution to your markets needs. Our unique, proven approach to mobile payments has led to successful implementations that work, are used, and are profitable.

flexible, customised approach to mobile payments

We understand that not all markets are the same and that for mobile payment services to be successful, they often need to be tailored for the individual needs of that market.

See our Case Studies for examples of our work or Contact us.