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In Australia, mHITs has an iPhone application designed to enhance the ordering and payment process for the mHITs SMS payment service.

While the app is not strictly necessary to make a payment, it does make using the mHITs service easier by automatically creating the SMS message. Plus it adds other handy features including the ability to make an instant payment to anyone by selecting them from contacts, selecting an mHITs venue from a list and the creation of a list of favourites for frequently made purchases.

Unlike many mobile banking apps that often require slow and cumbersome login sequences and waiting for authentication, the mHITs payment process is far more efficient as it uses simple SMS to make a payment.

Furthermore, for retail food and beverage Point Of Sale transactions, the mHITs app allows consumers to select a venue directly from within the app. This means that consumers can order and pay ahead before they arrive at a venue, meaning less queuing and waiting.    Future releases will also include menu item selection directly from within the app.

For more details on the mHITs iPhone app click here or search for “mHITs” in the Apple iTunes app store or click here to download the app directly.

NOTE – the mHITs iPhone app is only available for download in the Australian market.