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mHITs mobile wallet integrates with Point Of Sale system

mHITs mobile wallet integrates with Point Of Sale system

November 2011

The mHITs Australia SMS payment service has demonstrated what could be a world-first – the direct integration of a mobile wallet with a 3rd party retail Point Of Sale (POS) system.

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The integration, implemented at Ticos Drive Thru Coffee in Melbourne Victoria, enables consumers to order and pay ahead for their take-way coffee via SMS and simply collect their order when they arrive at the venue.

This means that consumers can order and pay for food and beverage items using their mHITs mobile wallet with the transaction automatically directed to the venues’ POS system which then in turn passes the order directly to the venue barista or kitchen printer/display etc for preparation.  Not only does this improve process automation for busy venues, payment is seamlessly integrated as the mHITs mobile wallet transactions are automatically reported within the retail management system.

The integration was performed with the BEpoz retail POS solution with additional integration work performed in conjunction with POS systems specialist Vectron Systems.

A free downloadable mHITs app also allows ordering and payment via smart phone including menu based ordering.

For more information on the mHITs Australia SMS payment service, visit www.mhits.com.au.


about BEpoz

BEpoz provides easy to use and cost effective POS solutions for cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants.  Flexible deployment configurations provide features including stock and cash control, analytical reporting, customer loyalty and rewards, customer and staff communication using SMS, email and electronic memos, and links to PMS, external payments, accounting and other systems.

For more information on the BEpoz POS solution visit www.bepoz.com.au.


about Vectron Systems

Vectron Systems are a leading POS systems specialist with clients around Australia.  Vectron Systems has been supplying competitive, leading edge POS solutions for over 20 years in sectors that include cafes, pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels and groups.   For more information on Vectron Systems visit www.vectron.com.au.


about mHITs

mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS) is an Australian based developer and operator of mobile payment services.  In Australia, mHITs operates the mHITs SMS payment service that allows consumers to send and receive payments by SMS text message.

For retail transactions, mHITs allows consumers to pay for coffee or other food and beverage items using their mobile phone simply by sending an SMS. Consumers can also use the mHITs service to pre-order their items before arrival at a venue, meaning less queuing and waiting and faster service.

mHITs is also an ideal payment method for purchase of mobile content, MP3 and other electronic and digital downloads, or for making purchases for goods and services from Internet websites. Other applications include cashless vending, web based micro-billing, parking, taxi fare payment, charity donations and cash back offers.

For more details of the mHITs Australian SMS payment service visit www.mhits.com.au.