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mHITs Australia

mHITs Australia

pay by SMS

In Australia, mHITs Limited operates the award winning mHITs branded mobile payment service which allows users to send and receive payments via SMS text message.  Focusing on micro-payments, the platform is the only carrier-independent mobile payment wallet in the Asia-Pacific region that offers fully service functionality including person-to-person merchant payment options.

carrier and bank independent

The mHITs service is both carrier and bank independent and works across all Australian mobile networks.  The use of SMS means it is ubiquitous and will work on all mobile handsets.  The open nature of the platform means it can be used by anyone in the Australian market regardless of network or bank affiliation.

how it works

To effect a payment, users simple compose an SMS with the relevant keyword and parameters.  This simple but effective approach means that the service is easy to use and does not require any SIM toolkit installation or app downloads.


  • person-to-person-payments (p2p)
  • balance
  • account loading via credit card, bank, BPAY, PayPal or branch deposit
  • merchant payments

merchant payment options

mHITs Australia has both user and merchant classes of accounts.  Merchant accounts are primarily designed for receiving funds and have a range of options for receiving payments including:

  • mobile (SMS or mobile app)
  • web
  • Point of Sale

An API further extends payment capability and is designed to allow payments across the following:

  • mobile apps
  • web-based micro payments
  • cashless vending
  • parking
  • Point of Sale (particularly QSR and food & beverage)

mHITs Australia is in use in the Cafe and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and vending markets where users can order and pay ahead for items such as coffee.

For more information visit the mHITs Australia website at www.mhits.com.au.