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pay for electricity by mobile phone

The mHITs BuyPower solution enables markets using prepaid electricity to allow users to purchase electricity using carrier airtime.

This simple but effective concept has a proven business model that not only has a rapid ROI and benefits to stakeholders, but also provides a tremendous benefit to citizens within a given market.


pre-paid electricity

In many developing and emerging markets, it is common for electricity to be metered as a pre-paid service.  Each home or building is fitted with a special pre-paid meter with a unique meter number which also includes a keypad and a display.

Users purchase a pre-paid electricity voucher in the form a printed receipt from their local electricity shop or agent which usually includes a 16 or 20 digit code that can only be used on their particular meter.  This code is entered into their meter and electricity is dispensed until the pre-paid value runs out.

current payment methods leave people in the dark

Usually, electricity shops or agents are usually sparsely located in main town centres only and are often open for limited hours during weekdays. In markets where there are significant remote island populations, management of electricity payments are often more difficult as payments are sometimes processed and remitted manually.

An obvious problem with traditional process this is the enormous inconvenience posed when electricity runs out during the night or over the weekend meaning people are literally left in the dark.

simple and effective

The mHITs BuyPower service means that electricity can be purchased at anytime from their mobile phone.  Users enter their meter number followed by the amount of electricity they wish to purchase.  Following a confirmation, the pre-paid voucher is delivered in an SMS to the users mobile phone. Voucher details are then entered into the prepaid meter in the usual way.


The mHITs BuyPower solution uses a combination of USSD and SMS technologies meaning it can be used on any mobile phone.  It can also be integrated into directly into electronic or mobile wallet systems.


  • support of electricity utility
  • compatible billing and pre-paid vending systems
  • participation of at least one carrier in the relevant market

other benefits

  • simple and convenient
  • proven and successful business model
  • rapid ROI
  • increased carrier ARPU
  • reduced carrier CHURN
  • flexible funding models

available for any market

The mHITs BuyPower solution can be configured and deployed in almost any market and with any carrier.  See our Case Studies for more information.

For more details or an example of how the mHITs BuyPower market could be used in your market please Contact us.